Attack on Titan Reveals the Identity of a Long Forgotten Titan

Attack on Titan has dealt with its fair share of beasts over the years, and the power of the Nine Titans is well known to everyone at this point. With the manga in its endgame, the Nine Titans have become hugely important as fans brace themselves for a final war. And thanks to a recent update, netizens have discovered one long-forgotten Titan is about to make a comeback out of nowhere.

The revelation came in the most recent chapter of Attack on Titan. The update checked in on Annie at the very end, and it followed her during a conversation with Falco and Gabi. It was there the two asked if it is true the Female Titan can really absorb traits from any of the Nine Titans. She admits as much, and it doesn't take long for Falco to lay down a huge secret.

attack on titan

"I became a Titan from Zeke's spinal fluids, so I inherited some of the Beast Titan's traits. The memory I recall the best is flying above the clouds, and I can do that too. I feel it deep within me," Falco says. "There was a winged beast Titan in the past!"

Obviously, this reveal is a huge one as the manga has never referenced a Flying Titan before. What's more, it seems this long-lost Titan stemmed from the Beast Titan. One of the users before Zeke had a Titan form that allowed them to fly, and since Falco consumed spinal fluid from the current Beast Titan, he inherited his Jaw Titan with a little something extra.

Now, it seems like Falco's Titan can fly as well, and Annie could inherit the trait is need be. All she could have to do is take a small bite of the Jaw Titan to take in that power if Falco's theory is correct. For now, the two are left to figure out a new strategy with this surprising gift, so here's to hoping everything works out for the pair.

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