Attack on Titan's Creator Didn't Intend For Eren to Be Popular

Attack on Titan will be closing in a matter of months now, so all eyes are on its soldiers. As [...]

Attack on Titan will be closing in a matter of months now, so all eyes are on its soldiers. As season four rolls into action at last, fans are looking to Eren with no small amount of shock. The character has gone through a dramatic change since season three, and manga readers know how much Eren has turned since his debut. But if you thought his dwindling popularity concerned Hajime Isayama, that is not the case.

In the past, the creator of Attack on Titan made fans pause when he did an interview with Weekly Shonen Magazine. The 2017 chat saw Isayama dive deep into his hit series, and he admitted the popularity of Eren has always surprised him.

Attack On Titan Eren Voice Actor
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"Because Eren is someone who exists due to the story itself, to make him "alive" is actually quite difficult. In other words, he is a slave to the story. I personally feel like I didn't create him with much liveliness, so I definitely felt that his reader popularity reflected otherwise," Isayama said.

As it turns out, the artist didn't give Eren a lively personality on purpose. He wanted to make the character more of a blank canvas that carries the burden of humanity. Isayama felt Eren would garner the support of fans who saw themselves in the hero, but that is not the case. The character has taken on a life of his own, and these days, Attack on Titan fans aren't sure if the life Eren is living suits him. After all, he has pushed towards his goal of total genocide, and Eren has killed thousands in his pursuit of saving the Eldians. Fans admit this violent dream conflicts with the hero they believed Eren to be, and with so few chapters left, it seems unlikely his legacy will be restored to its former glory.

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