Attack on Titan Unveils Grim Statues in Creator's Hometown

It is difficult to explain the impact Attack on Titan has had on the anime industry. A great many fans credit the show with renewing interest in the medium overseas, and Attack on Titan continues to be a hit on paper or on screen. Now, one of the series' most iconic scenes has been immortalized in the hometown of its creator. So if you want to meet Eren as a young boy, you will need to pay a visit to Hita City one day.

Over the weekend, a ceremony was held which unveiled three statues erected in honor of Attack on Titan. The statues features Eren, Mikasa, and Armin as children as they stare towards a large wall. The children were sculpted for Hita City as it is the hometown of creator Hajime Isayama, and he thought up the story while at home.

The statues were announced earlier this year as work on the Oyama Dam in Hita City neared completion. Now, the piece sits before the dam and look up at its towering wall. This dam is now being referred to as Wall Maria, and fans from around the world admit they wish to travel to this tourist hotspot now.

The ongoing pandemic may have delayed the statues' opening ceremony, but Isayama did manage to attend this festival this past weekend. He was joined by the editor of Attack on Titan, and both were photographed by the figures while masked up.

Thanks to Crunchyroll, fans can now read the text on the plaque which stands next to Eren and his friends. You can read the full translation below:


"Since beginning serialization in 2009, Attack on Titan has left an impact on people around the world. Oyama Town is the hometown of its creator, Hajime Isayama, as well as the place where he first had the idea for his story.

In one scene of Attack on Titan’s first chapter, Eien, Mikasa, and Amin, childhood friends, look up at the Colossus Titan. This bronze statue is Senta to recreate this scene, bringing fiction and reality together as one, and it was placed here thanks to a crowdfunding effort made up of many fans who shared a desire for the children and people of this place to have the courage needed to take on the unknown and overcome hardship."

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