Attack on Titan Manga Will Be Rereleased in Full Color

Attack on Titan is edging its way to a close, and all eyes are on the series ahead of its finale. Hajime Isayama has carefully pushed the manga towards its final moments with enough tension and death to sustain just about anyone. And as the eve of its end comes, fans have learned Attack on Titan plans to revisit bookstores in a very unexpected (and colorful) way.

According to a new report, fans have learned Attack on Titan will be reprinted in its entirety in color. The full-color run will be printed in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine which marks one of the publication's upcoming projects. There are six more which haven't been announced yet.

Currently, there is no word on when Kodansha will begin publishing this color reprint, but fans expect it to begin before too long. After all, interest in the series is hot nowadays, and Kodansha will not want to take it off the burner for too long. The final season of Attack on Titan plans to debut this December, so it isn't hard to see the reprint beginning early next year perhaps.


As for the manga's original run, it will continue as planned. Attack on Titan put out a new chapter recently, and everyone has eyes on what's coming next. Isayama has assured fans that his series is in its endgame, so it is only a matter of time until the title comes to a close. And after spending years with the manga, readers are just as excited as they are scared for Attack on Titan to end. The only question left is whether or not Isayama will manage to redeem one of his heroes before Paradis and Marley settle their differences once and more all...

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