Attack on Titan to Release Recruitment Poster Ahead of Anime Finale

Attack on Titan is gearing up to release a special recruitment posted ahead of the anime's big finale! Hajime Isayama might have brought the original manga run of the franchise to its end earlier this Spring, but there are still many fans excited to see how everything comes to an end with the anime. While the final season left things on a major cliffhanger for its midseason finale, fans were delighted to find out that the anime would indeed continue with the second half of this final outing in 2022.

As the final season gears up for its finale next Winter, fans are going to need to get themselves ready as well as the final conflict of the series is poised to feature three different sides doing battle with one another. Amiami in Japan is now releasing a special Survey Corps recruitment poster to get fans to join the battle in Japan later this June. Check it out below to see how fans are being brought in to fight the final battle:

Attack on Titan's final chapter released earlier this Spring, so there are lots of fans who are already aware of how series creator Hajime Isayama brought it all to an end. But the anime's run is just a bit different, however, as many fans have been keeping themselves free of that final chapter in order to head into the anime's finale completely blind.

That struggle is going to continue for quite a while, however, as Attack on Titan won't be back for the second half of its final season until Winter 2022. There has yet to be a more concrete release date for the new episodes just yet, but it will be picking up with Episode 76 of the series when the anime eventually makes its return. With the final conflict tearing things into three different sides, it's going to be interesting to see who fans side with.

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