Attack on Titan to Finish Season 4 in Winter 2022

At last, the announcement has been made! It turns out Attack on Titan has more life to it left on [...]

At last, the announcement has been made! It turns out Attack on Titan has more life to it left on screen. While the manga will end at the start of April, the series plans to continue its anime for a little while longer. The rest of season four is expected to continue in a separate cour following episode 75. And thanks to the new announcement, fans have learned Attack on Titan is eyeing a Winter 2022 comeback to wrap things up!

The announcement was made not long ago when Attack on Titan brought episode 75 to fans in Japan. The new episode came to a close with a special preview for its next installment, and fans were eager to see what was up. It was there they discovered episode 76 is slated to debut this winter, but there is no word on when that date will go live.

When Will Attack On Titan Season 4 End

As for the winter cour, the anime industry has some firm scheduling for fans to speculate about. Each cour lasts for three months, so the winter season begins at the start of the year. This means it is likely Attack on Titan will debut the next half of season four in January, and the finale will go live by March.

This latest announcement is a big one, and fans are very excited to see how things shape up for Eren. The first week of April will see the manga come to a close after a decade in print, but the anime still has much to cover. In fact, anime-only fans are only just starting to understand how Eren is changing in this final arc. Whether you like it or not, the lead has changed in some huge ways since season one went live, and Attack on Titan fans must decide whether they can support the hero in the face of his damning plans.

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