Attack on Titan Unleashes Episode 82: Watch

Attack on Titan has finally launched the newest episode of the fourth and final season! The series has now entered an intense new phase that will quickly bring it to the overall endgame as Eren Yeager has officially activated the Titans formerly within the walls and set them on a path to destroy the rest of the Earth. This means that each new episode of the series is now more crucial than ever as it's clear that the end is even closer than before. But there are still many questions lingering about how it's supposed to all be coming together.

With so many potential plots and characters still in the mix as the climax of the final season kicks into high gear, each new episode is all that much more important as it needs to establish how everyone is moving forward in the face of such sheer terror. With the previous episode now bringing back someone very important from the past, it's time to check out Episode 82 of Attack on Titan. It's now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu for those who want to see it as soon as possible. Check out the official sketch release for the episode to celebrate: 

Episode 82 of Attack on Titan is titled "Sunset" and it's officially described as such, "In the midst of people's confusion, someone who was once a friend and an enemy wakes up. Time that had stopped is now moving again, and everything has changed. When that happens, the choice is..." As the synopsis suggests, the primary focus of the episode is how Annie has not only returned to action following her finally being thawed out from her self-imposed prison, but promises a much deeper dive into her character as she sees the chaos of the world around her. 

With the final season quickly reaching its end in a matter of a few more episodes, fans have begun to question just whether or not the series can really fit all of the ending into the final slate. This has sparked conversations about a potential movie maybe coming our way, but that all remains to be seen over the course of the next few episodes of the anime left

What do you think? How are you liking Attack on Titan's final season so far? What are you hoping to see before it all comes to an end? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!