Attack on Titan Announces Major Season Finale Delay

Attack on Titan has the entire anime fandom on edge these days, and it isn't hard to see why. Whether you love or hate the series, it is impossible to deny how influential it has been on the medium. Attack on Titan helped revive anime globally as a new-gen title, so season four has a lot riding on it. And now, a new report has fans speculating a surprise is coming for the anime's big finish.

The whole thing came to light when Attack on Titan update its release schedule overseas. It was there fans not only learned that episode 84 is being shifted somewhat but that the finale of season four is being delayed a whole week.

According to the update, episode 87 was meant to go live on March 27 and bring Attack on Titan to an end. However, that finale has since been postponed to April 3 because of "special programming". And when you consider what this special event is, well – you will see why fans are thinking a movie might sneak its way into the franchise soon.

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After all, Anime Japan 2022 is slated to begin next month, and Attack on Titan is taking part in the event. Its main stage panel is slated for March 27, the same day the season finale was scheduled to go live. Fans are now wondering whether an Anime Japan announcement is what prompted this schedule shift. After all, some fans have long expected MAPPA to turn the final moments of season four into a movie given how massive Attack on Titan is. There would be no better way to prepare fans than with a big announcement, but for now, fans will have to wait and see what happens. 

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