Will Attack on Titan Have More to Do After Season 4 Ends?

Attack On Titan's final episodes are on the horizon, with Eren Jaeger staring down his former friend Reiner and the forces of Marley seeking revenge. With the second half of season four seemingly only having twelve episodes, many fans are worried that the anime adaptation of Hajime Isayma's masterpiece won't have enough installments to fully tell the tale of the last battle between Paradis and Marley, having us wonder if a movie might be in MAPPA's future to cap off the series. 

Without going too much into spoiler territory, the events that have yet to be translated in the anime series by Studio MAPPA are quite meaty, giving fans a lot of battles and ideas to mull over before Hajime Isayama's anime adaptation comes to a close. Many allegiances are shifted and many characters have moments that will take time to explore. Twelve episodes certainly wouldn't seem like enough to end the story of the world of Titans, and the material for the final battle definitely appears as though they could work in a movie-like structure, but should it? Hot on the heels of Jujutsu Kaisen 0's success, the Shonen prequel movie that is also produced by MAPPA, the profits might definitely spur the animation studio to release the final battle of Attack On Titan into theaters to reap the rewards.

One of the biggest issues for this decision to potentially extend the final season would be continuing to string along the events that fans have been dying to see come to an apex in this latest season by MAPPA. Prior to the arrival of season four last year, many fans were led to think that the first half would be the entirety of the season, though the announcement of "Part 2" was slipped in following the finale of "Part 1," Throwing in another curveball to make the announcement for a film might see some serious backlash for those waiting for the anime to wrap its story. 

Certainly, a movie would have more resources behind it, but potentially waiting until 2023 to see Attack On Titan's anime wrap, or potentially later than that, would be better received if it was revealed by MAPPA prior to these new episodes' release.

Do you think that Attack On Titan will end with a movie? Would this sour your stance on the series if the story came to a close in theaters? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Titans.