Attack on Titan Hypes Season 4 with New Sanrio Poster

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 is coming, and to get fans hyped there's a new piece of Attack on Titan artwork – Sanrio style! The new promo art shows Eren Jaeger looking all adorable as he sits cross-legged on the ground and attempts to tie his hair back into that now-iconic man-bun. In Eren's lap is a Sanrio stuffed animal to complete the kawaii effect. Check it out below: 

This Sanrio artwork of Attack on Titan is a nice departure from the stark reality that the anime left us with. Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2's finale saw Eren Jaeger and his army of Colossal Titans released in The Rumbling finally reach the shores of Marley, the longtime enemy of Eren's homeland, Paradis Island. Marley's formidable Navy launched an all-out assault on Eren's Founding Titan and the Colossals - but it didn't even make a dent; Eren's Titan army annihilated Marley's navy while barely even registering them as a threat. Last we saw, the Colossal Titans were stepping onto the mainland shore of Marley – and it isn't looking good for all the people there. It's even more twisted as flashbacks in the series have revealed how Eren and his Survey Corps friends truly came to know and even enjoy the people of Marley while doing their undercover research on the "enemy." Now, Eren returning to annihilate Marley – after the pain and devastation he already caused in Season 4 Part 1 – will be an even deeper twist of the knife. 

Indeed, the final season(s) of Attack on Titan are spurring a furious debate over Eren and his decision to unleash The Rumbling upon the world. Attack on Titan has asked fans to grapple with one of the most complicated protagonist character arcs we've ever seen – even within the anime/manga genre. Eren started the series as a sensitive and traumatized young boy that made fans swoon with his soulful eyes and deep damage; however, as Eren grew and embraced his own power, we've seen him grow increasingly fringe in his views and ruthless in his tactics. Eren's version of "peace" is beginning to echo the likes of Thanos, as his view that the world can only be peaceful with far less people in it is chilling. Whether it's chilling because fans can't handle the big turn in the character, or fear his view may be true, is the debate that hasn't ended since Attack on Titan's manga ended in April 2021. 

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 premieres in 2023.