New Attack on Titan Art Highlights Eren's Final Form

Attack on Titan is set to make its final comeback next year, and all eyes are on season four ahead of its return. After all, the anime has a handful of episodes left to air before it reaches its end. The anime's final season has set up an epic war for fans as its final batch of episodes nears, and now, a new piece of art has gone live starring Eren in his final form.

As you can see below, the art comes courtesy of a special Attack on Titan collaboration. The anime is hosting another Titan Cafe in Japan starting this August. Of course, this means the little nook will be decked out with Titan memorabilia, and that includes Eren's final Titan form.

(Photo: E-Diner)

Eren's Founding Titan form is hard to miss with this new poster considering it is front and center. The skeletal look gifts the protagonist one of his gnarliest looks yet. After all, their entire body is made up of bones from Eren's ribs to their dorsal spin and arms. The only thing you can recognize on Eren here is his face, and that is because the Founding Titan form borrows features from the Attack Titan design we all know.

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Of course, the poster also nods to the anime's other Titans both past and present. The Colossal Titan can be spotted in the top right, and they are joined by the Beast Titan, War Hammer Titan, Cart Titan, Jaw Titan, Female Titan, and Armored Titan. So if you want to check out these behemoths while sipping on some tea, Attack on Titan's collaboration cafe will open on August 5th in Japan before shutting down at the end of the month.

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