'Attack on Titan': [SPOILER] Vows To Kill Eren Jaeger

Attack on Titan is familiar with a lot of things, but it specializes in death and grudges. The [...]

Attack on Titan is familiar with a lot of things, but it specializes in death and grudges. The franchise has killed plenty of characters over an on-going grudge match between two rivaling countries. Eren Jaeger's military career is a direct result of that clash, and he made yet another enemy this week.

After all, the latest chapter of Attack on Titan confirms Gabi Braun has pledged to kill Eren if it's the last thing she does.

This week, the series will release its 102nd chapter. A translated version of the installment has hit the web, and it shows a horrifying scene in one of Marley's internment camps.

The chapter follows Eren and the Survey Corps as they continue their ambush on Marley. Hundreds of Marleyean and Eldian citizens have been killed in the attack, and Gabi was not spared any of its horrors. Not only did the girl watch her friends Zofia and Udo die, but Gabi saw dozens of soldiers drop around her when the Survey Corps began their invasion.

Unable to process the carnage around her, Gabi does the only thing she can think of and that is attack. The last pages of Attack on Titan's new chapter show the Marley cadet running towards the battlefield with a gun in hand. She tells herself she will kill Eren for bringing Titans to Marley and culling her people. And, if that kind of mission sound familiar to you, then you've been paying attention.

After all, Eren felt much the same way when he was Gabi's age. The boy pledged to kill all the Titans after the Colossal Titan let hordes of the creatures into Wall Maria. The vow to kill the Colossal Titan and its comrades is no different from Gabi's promise to take out Eren's Founding Titan. So, it looks like Paradis may have to fight Marley's version of Eren before long.

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