'Attack On Titan' Leak Confirms [SPOILER] Is Alive

Attack on Titan knows how to get its readers buzzing. Over the years, the franchise has enjoyed [...]

Attack on Titan knows how to get its readers buzzing. Over the years, the franchise has enjoyed plenty of scandalous moments. Deaths have become a commonplace drama, but it is always nice to hear someone is still alive. So, Attack on Titan's latest chapter will make plenty of fans happy.

So, obviously, spoilers below! No, really — you've been warned.

This week, Kodansha will see the latest chapter of Attack on Titan go live. Chapter 103 has made its way online, and the anime fandom has already convened around the spoiler-filled leak. And, if all the translations are correct, then Reiner Braun is alive.

As of late, readers have been worried about Reiner. The character was last seen a few chapters ago when he met up with Eren Jaeger. Falco was the one responsible for the two meeting up, unaware of the history the men shared. After a short conversation, Eren transformed into the Attack Titan in a bid to begin war with Marley. The sudden action made Reiner panic, and many feared the man died in an effort to save Falco from Eren.

According to chapter 103, Reiner did sacrifice himself to save Falco, but the man did not die doing so. In the final moments before Eren transformed, Reiner managed to partially shift into the Armored Titan. The shift encased the pair in a — well — meaty enclosure that saved them from the building which collapsed onto of them.

"So at that time, you nobly sacrificed your body for me," Falco says as he rushes to his mentor. "I'm sorry. It's my fault. He's alive but..."

Falco remembers Titan Shifters can repair their injuries on their own accord, but they only do so if they have the will to live. The last time the boy saw Reiner talk, the Armored Titan holder was begging Eren to kill him, so Falco is unsure if Reiner will recover. So, fans are wondering what will happen to reignite the man and his will to live.

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