'Attack on Titan' Prepares For The Ultimate Titan Battle

If you haven’t been keeping up with Attack on Titan, then you should know this: it just got [...]

If you haven't been keeping up with Attack on Titan, then you should know this: it just got real. The manga released its 102nd chapter not too long ago, and the stunning update saw Paradis make a stunning charge against Marley.

So, for those of you ready to see a true Titan-on-Titan war, get ready. Your wish will be granted later this spring.

Spoilers below!

For those of you who are all caught up with Attack on Titan, you know things are pretty intense these days. Eren and the Survey Corps seem to have infiltrated Marley to declare war. After sneaking in under a false identity, Eren paved a way for his comrades to enter Marley, and he kicked off their ambush by attacking a gathering at a containment camp.

Attack on Titan's latest chapter showed more of how the Survey Corps are planning their warfare, but Marley will not be pushed aside for long. The manga ended chapter 102 with an ominous showdown and two terrifying commands.

The ending followed Eren as the protagonist transformed into the Attack Titan as the Survey Corps charged ahead as one mass. On the other side of the battlefield, three Titans and the Marleyean army were ready to throw down. After making a brief getaway, Zeke returned as the Beast Titan and took charge of his ranks. The Jaw Titan and Cart Titan were quick to flank their commanding officer, and a heard of injured soldiers followed the massive trio.

Oh, and Gabi tagged along too. The girl vowed to kill Eren for the destruction he brought to Marley, and she snagged a gun to prove how serious she is.

With the chapter coming to a close, Zeke told his forces what needed to happen. "Don't let them escape," the Beast Titan said. "Annihilate them."

Of course, Levi has very different instructions for his team. The commander simply told his fleet this before the battle got underway: "Don't die. Survive." So, here's to hoping all of fans' favorite characters survive the impending battle... Fingers crossed!

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