'Attack On Titan': What Exactly Is In The Basement?

Warning! Major spoilers for Attack on Titan lie below!Earlier this year, Attack on Titan returned [...]

Warning! Major spoilers for Attack on Titan lie below!

Earlier this year, Attack on Titan returned with its long-awaited second season. Fans were finally able to catch up with Eren Jaeger, and Wit Studios has assured fans season three will be out by next year. As expected fans are hoping the anime will finally reveal what is lurking in the basement of Eren's childhood home, and the answer is a doozy.

After all, the Attack on Titan manga answered that question a few years back. If you cannot wait any longer to learn, then you can read up on the basement and its secrets now. So, to be clear, there are spoilers below!

Attack on Titan revealed the secret behind Eren's home back in September 2016. The manga's 85th chapter had the honor of exploring the Jaeger's basement after Eren and his squad made it to his old home. After the group managed to get into the old house, they were surprised that everything looked normal in the basement. However, it was Mikasa who managed to find the secret Eren had been searching for.

After uncovering a series of books, Eren and Mikasa looked through the items with Hange and Levi. The squad found a lifelike image of Grisha in one of the notebooks. Eren's father was seen posed with a fair-haired lady with a child on her lap. When the group turned over the photo, they found a note written by Grisha that said the image was called a photograph. The caption went on to explain that Grisha was born outside of the Walls and that humanity does exist beyond Paradis. Humanity did not go extinct because of the Titans like Eren had been told, and the squad is stunned to learn their country's history is a false one.

There's no way to predict if Attack on Titan will cover this revelation in season three, but fans have their hopes. If the anime is at least two cours, then there's a chance this scene could get adapted in 2018. And, if it does, fans can expect to see Levi looking grimmer than ever after he hears the damning bombshell.

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