Avatar Star Gordon Cormier Channels Aang in New Post

Netflix is looking to dive into the world of bending with its live-action adaptation of Avatar The Last Airbender, which will be the second time that Aang and the gang have been brought into live-action, and actor Gordon Cormier who is set to play the titular Airbender is channeling Aang on social media. With Cormier being joined in the upcoming project on the streaming service with the likes of Kiawentiio as Katara, Ian Ousley as Sokka, and Dallas Liu as Zuko, the world of bending is also currently set to return with new animated projects thanks to Avatar Studios.

Aang might have been quite the powerhouse when it came to harnessing the power of the Avatar in his battle against the Fire Nation, which was attempting to take over the world, but he was still a young child who was attempting to navigate a world that was very different from the one he had known earlier in his life. Cormier, in a recent Instagram Post, quoted Aang by stating "The Past Can Be A Great Teacher," which of course was played to hilarious effect wherein the hope of the world had fallen into a trap once again due to his inexperience.

Gordon Cormier posted the Aang quote on his Official Instagram Account, showing that the young actor is preparing to step into the role of the Avatar in the upcoming Netflix production which will be the second time that we've seen the Nickelodeon property brought into the world of live-action:

Of course, the first time that Aang and the gang were brought into the world of live-action was the much-maligned film by M. Night Shyamalan, which many fans agreed wasn't able to capture the emotion and events that made the animated property such a fan favorite when it originally aired on Nickelodeon. Though the original creators of the series were originally set to have a role in the creation of this new series for Nickelodeon but left due to creative differences, fans are still hoping that this upcoming series will be a worthy addition to the world of bending.


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