Netflix's Avatar The Last Airbender Will Likely Star Azula

Avatar: The Last Airbender is known for its quality story, and its characters aren't anything to [...]

Avatar: The Last Airbender is known for its quality story, and its characters aren't anything to laugh at. From Aang to Zuko and Katara, the animated series is filled with impressive heroes who flesh out the plot. Of course, these fighters have their own demons to face, and villains like Azula make that obvious. With Netflix now developing an adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender, fans have wondered whether Zuko's sister would appear in season one. Now, a new report suggests the princess will make herself known.

Azula, the sister of Zuko and the psychotic princess of the Fire Nation, is reportedly set to appear in the upcoming first season of Avatar The Last Airbender's live-action series, which would somewhat befit the original opening season of the animated series. While Azula does appear in Season One of the Nickelodeon series, it's only until the second season that we are able to see the fire princess unleash her insane power as a fire bender, along with her ruthless demeanor as she hunts for both the Avatar and her brother Zuko. While the rumors are beginning to swirl that Azula will make an appearance, no casting decision has yet been made when it comes to Zuko's deranged sister.

Twitter Outlet Avatar News shared the report that apparently the first season of Netflix's Avatar The Last Airbender series will see Azula make her grand debut alongside the main cast of the beloved franchise, though the depth of her role is anyone's guess at this point:

In the finale of the original Avatar animated series, Azula battled against the tag-team of both her brother Zuko and Katara, losing the fight and being imprisoned as her mind unraveled. While the upcoming animated projects that will revisit the universe of bending from Avatar Studios, no one is sure what era of Aang or Korra the studio will explore.

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