Comedian Ali Wong Shares Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay

Netflix is preparing to revisit the world of Avatar The Last Airbender with a live-action series that will bring back the likes of Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Zuko with a brand new story revisiting the story of the world of bending. While the quartet has already been cast, there are still many characters that fans are waiting to see be paired up with an actor, and with the Halloween season having finally arrived, comedian Ali Wong has shared her love of the series along with a Cosplay of Toph, the Earth Bender who becomes one of the Aang Gang's strongest members.

The stand-up comic and movie star Ali Wong is no stranger to the world of pop culture, having played a role in Birds of Prey And The Fabulous Emanicpation Of One Harley Quinn along with animated series such as Big Mouth and Tuca & Bertie. With her latest Instagram post, Wong proves that she is a fan of the fan-favorite Earth bender from the Nickelodeon series. Toph herself has yet to be cast in the upcoming Netflix adaptation, though fans are crossing their fingers that they'll eventually get word of the blind warrior being added to the series. 

Ali Wong shared the Toph Cosplay on her latest Instagram Post, showing her love of the Nickelodeon series in preparation of Halloween's approach with the spooky season now in full swing with the arrival of October:

Toph herself was able to teach the world some insane new things about Earth bending, having discovered how to use this ability to manipulate metal in the final season of Avatar The Last Airbender. The blind brawler also was used in the sequel series of The Legend of Korra, showing up as an elderly woman who had clearly improved her skills over the decades since she had first appeared in the original television show. While her involvement in the live-action adaptation by Netflix, and the upcoming projects from Avatar Studios, are a mystery, fans of the Earth Bender can read more about her in the Dark Horse comic series, Toph Beifong's Metal Bending Academy. 


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