Avatar: The Last Airbender Cosplayers Tackle Momo and Appa

Avatar: The Last Airbender has some truly unforgettable characters. The franchise continues to wow fans with its heroes as audiences find themselves seeking out the acclaimed animated series. Of course, that means the Avatar fandom is a robust one, and plenty of them love to cosplay. Now, two of those fans have decided to try their hand at Aang's sidekicks, and we have to say Momo has never looked this sharp before.

The piece in question comes from cpher_art on Instagram. The fan felt it was time to try out a new Avatar cosplay, and they needed some help. Cosplayer ank_cosart joined the user to bring Momo and Appa to life. And as you can imagine, the pair had to get a bit creative.

After all, it isn't very feasible to turn yourself into a lemur or flying bison. If such a task were possible, we'd love to see it. But using a bit of makeup and creative costuming, the fans got this look on lock.

You can see the Avatar cosplay shoot for yourself above. It turns out cpher_art oversaw all the makeup and outfitting. Their look for Momo consists of a white pixie wig, heavy eyeliner, and a drawn-on nose like the one Momo has. A fur-paneled tank completes the look with a tail and furry braces. The final touch comes in the form of a headband that shows off Momo's unique ears.

As for Appa, the flying bison used minimalism to its benefit with this cosplay. The look features a pair of black horns and gloves which tuck into a white-and-brown bodysuit. The furry costume combined with a shaggy white wig with a brown felt arrow taped over the top and a bit of face makeup.


Clearly, this creative cosplay nails the Avatar duo, and the characters are recognizable with a quick glance. It is hard to imagine a more practical way to cosplay the characters, so the only thing this pair is missing is a third friend to bring Aang into the picture!

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