Bandai To Unveil New Line Of Gunplas On Halloween

Though it may not be scary, Bandai is still looking to fill Trick or Treaters pumpkin pales with [...]

Though it may not be scary, Bandai is still looking to fill Trick or Treaters pumpkin pales with some goodies this Halloween with a new line of Mobile Suit Gundam models that will satiate any Gunpla fans. Gundam figurines have become so popular that over the course of the franchise's forty year history, over 500 million models have sold. Now, Premium Bandai is looking to reveal two new Gunpla entries on All Hallows Eve, though these two models won't be scaring anyone silly.

Gundam Kits Collection shared the news that the upcoming Gundam model kits will be fashioned after Mobile Suit Gundam: Missing Link, a side story in the franchise that appeared as a video game on the Playstation 3 which was released in 2014 in Japan!

With the fortieth anniversary hitting its peak, Mobile Suit: Gundam is having a banner year and looking to boost its signal with celebrations such as the upcoming Gundam Satellite being launched as part of next year's Summer Olympics, as well as a recent Youtube channel created by the franchise's producer, Sunrise.

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The official description for Mobile Suit: Gundam Missing Link reads as such:

"During the One Year War, in an attempt to replace losses in the Federation for mobile suit pilots, a penal battlion was formed called the Slave Wraiths. Led by Travis Kirkland, he and his team take on suicide missions in highly advanced mobile suits to make deadly surgical strikes into the enemy side. On the other side, the Marchosias, a regiment for Zeon elite pilot washouts was formed as well. When Doug Schneid, a former pilot of Zeon defects to the Federation with the Pale Rider in tow, both sides are forced to fight together to stop a conspiracy that lurks within the MS development research."

Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most popular franchises in the world, and that popularity is only expected to grow as Sunrise continues to release new projects for the franchise. This includes new anime based in the original Universal Century storyline, which will next see a film trilogy based on the Hathaway's Flash novels, a returning anime for its SD Gundam spin-offs, and even a brand new live-action movie coming to the West co-produced by Legendary, a studio who is currently in the midst of bringing a new take on Toho's Godzilla franchise to the screen.