Alita: Battle Angel - Elon Musk Surprises Fans With SpaceX Tweet

It has been a year since fans were introduced to an android named Alita on the big screen, but [...]

It has been a year since fans were introduced to an android named Alita on the big screen, but Elon Musk just brought her back around in a swanky starship. You may think we are kidding, but the tech prodigy is not laughing over the matter. Over on Twitter, Musk got the Internet buzzing when he posted a picture of a Space X rocket featuring Alita, and the shot has fans everywhere asking questions.

The whole thing started when Musk hit up Twitter as he is want to do. The billionaire has started all sorts of debates thanks to his Twitter posts, but this one takes the cake amongst anime fans. After all, it isn't everyday you see an actual rocketship emblazoned with Alita on it, and fans sure are reacting as you'd expect.

The tweet, which can be seen below, shows Alita seemingly imposed over a rocketship built by Space X. The black-and-white piece is done in a classic graffiti style, and it features text on top which reads "All or Nothing."

Of course, fans are already debating the legitimacy of this paint job. It is more than likely a piece of fan-art, but this custom paint job has fans thinking. Musk has talked about his interest in anime before, and it goes without saying that he's wealthy enough to skin Space X rockets in any way he'd like.

Over on Twitter, the artist behind this Alita drawing piped up to claim the artwork. Francesco Canonico said it was an "honour" to have his artwork shown off in the post. "I drew that Alita after I finished animating her here @ Weta! Thanks for that," he shared.

While Canonico and fans are thrilled to see Alita brought back to life with this post, there is something they want more than an actual rocket. If they had their wish, the Alita fandom would get a sequel approved ASAP. Alita: Battle Angel did perform well globally, but Fox's turnover to Disney has left an Alita sequel up in the air. Recently, the Alita fanbase hired a plane to fly over the Oscars with a banner proclaiming their desire for a sequel. So if a banner isn't enough - well, a rocket could do the trick.

What do you make of this brand-new space rocket? Which other anime heroines need to head to space like this? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!