Berserk Will Reportedly End with Chapter 364

Earlier this year, the world of anime and manga lost one of its most prolific mangakas in Kentaro Miura, with many fans both mourning the loss of the artist while also wondering if the series of Berserk will continue following the creator's death. With Young Animal, the publication responsible for printing the story of Guts and the Band of the Hawk, stating that the future of the series is still up in the air, rumors are beginning to swirl that the upcoming chapter that is set to land later this month will be its last.

In the previous chapter of Berserk, we saw Guts and his friends continuing to bask in some much-needed rest and relaxation in Elfheim, the magical locale that did the impossible in bringing Casca back from her state of full-blown insanity which she had been trapped in for decades of the course of the story. With the black swordsman taking a second to appreciate the brief peace, he is approached in the final pages by the mysterious "Moonlight Boy," who is theorized to be the lost son of Guts and Casca that has wandered the Earth for some time since Griffith made his return from the beyond to enact his plans of taking over the world.

Twitter User Manga Mogura RE shared a preview for the upcoming chapter which hints at the idea that Berserk will be coming to a close with Chapter 364, which is more than likely the final installment drawn by Kentaro Miura before his passing:

The future of Berserk as a franchise is anyone's guess at this point, with many theorizing that Miura's assistants might take over their mentor's work in order to give readers an ending in the battle between Guts and Griffith. With the series running in the pages of Young Animal since the 1980s and receiving a number of anime adaptations over the years, it has definitely earned its place as a fan-favorite franchise in the medium of anime.


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