Berserk Exhibit Will Feature New Art And Interview By Series Creator

The anime community was heartbroken when it was revealed that the creator of Berserk, Kentaro Miura, had passed, and with a new chapter being released for the manga that has become so beloved by readers throughout the years, fans are wondering what will happen with the future of the series. Later this year, an exhibit that focuses on the artwork of Kentaro Miura will debut in Japan, revealing that the event will also be selling art books that not only include new work by the mangaka that weaved the dark story of the Band of the Hawk, but also a new interview.

Anime fans have been wondering what will happen with the future of the series following Miura's tragic passing earlier this year, with the Berserk publishers at Young Animal not revealing whether the series would end or if it would continue with Kentaro's assistants at the helm. On top of this fact, the manga publishers revealed that there would be another new chapter from Miura released later this fall, leaving many to wonder how many chapter Kentaro was able to create before his passing. Regardless of whether Berserk continues or not, anime fans can't deny the impact that Miura had not only on the world of anime, but on the world of pop culture in general as numerous stories have drawn inspiration from the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and their fellow mercenaries.

The Official Twitter Account for the upcoming Berserk exhibit which will celebrate the work of Kentaro Miura revealed that an art book will be sold that features unseen work by the mangaka, as well as a new interview which will certainly seem bittersweet at this point:

The artbook itself will retail for around $35 USD, with the exhibit running next month from September 10th to the 23rd, running under the official title of "The Great Berserk Exhibition, Kentaro Miura: 32 Years of Artistry," While there has been no word of a potential exhibition arriving in the West, we would imagine that there would be more than a few Berserk fans in North America that would jump at the chance to celebrate the works of the beloved mangaka once again.

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