Berserk Cosplay Brings Scary Skull Knight to Life

Berserk's Skull Knight is one of Guts' most powerful allies and one cosplayer has appropriately brought the mysterious warrior to life.

Berserk has some of the most terrifying monsters to ever appear in the worlds of anime and manga. To help in fighting the "Apostles" and the onslaught of monsters populating their world, Guts and company need the assistance from time to time of a mysterious figure simply known as Skull Knight. While this skull-faced horseman has yet to have his identity revealed completely, there have been hints as to who he was in a past life. Now, one cosplayer has managed to bring the pivotal character created by Kentaro Miura to life.

Following the tragic passing of creator Kentaro Miura, many Berserk fans believed that the series would never give Guts and the Band of the Hawk their long-awaited finale. With friends of Miura, writer Kouji Mori and the artists at Studio Gaga, taking the reins of the manga and promising to give Berserk an ending, the series has released new chapters to further expand on the series' endgame. In a flashback sequence, readers were given a close look into Skull Knight's origin, seemingly having a confrontation with the Godhand similar to how Guts had during the horrific events of the Eclipse. We might never learn all the aspects of Skull Knight's origin but it's clear he has remained a trusted ally to Guts and his crew.

Skull Knight Rises

While Skull Knight was left out of the original Berserk anime adaptation, he was able to return in both Berserk: Memorial Edition and the recent anime seasons that continued the story of the Band of the Hawk. At present, Berserk has yet to confirm if any new anime adaptations are on the way. The manga has taken a brief hiatus this summer, though fans can surely expect Skull Knight to appear before Guts and the Band of the Hawk take a bow.

At present, Mouri nor Studio Gaga have yet to reveal how many additional chapters Berserk has left before it reaches its conclusion, though the stage is certainly being set. Following the destruction of Elfhelm and the kidnapping of Casca, Guts is struggling with what to do next, but the world isn't giving him breathing room. 

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