Black Clover Raises Asta's Devil Union to New Level

Black Clover has kicked off its final arc with its first real fight, and the newest chapter of the series has revealed how much stronger Asta's Devil Union has become since we had seen him last! The Spade Kingdom Raid arc had challenged Asta and the other Magic Knights more so than ever before, and it was teased that in the fifteen months leading to the final arc of the series that Asta has gotten much stronger. That strength is going to be necessary as Asta has already found himself going face to face with the final major enemy of the series too.

The previous chapters of the final arc had seen Lucius Zogratis making his move on the Clover Kingdom, but Asta's anti-magic was the only thing effective against Lucius' time spells. With the previous chapter of the series kicking off their first real fight, Asta is more ready than ever to take on the next wave of fights as it was revealed that he has trained with his use of the Devil Union to double the time limit that he had before. So now instead of only being able to use it for five minutes, he can now use it for ten. But that also comes with a twist

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 334 of Black Clover begins Asta's first fight against Lucius, and it's explained that while Asta's Devil Union form works against large and powerful spells it had that five minute time limit. Fans saw this kick in at the worst times in the fight against Lucifero and the other devils, so Asta trained to better use the form and make up for this drawback. He now instead uses Devil Union on a single part of himself, condensing it and concentrating all of its power into a single point. This then extends the time limit to ten minutes overall. 

It's enough of an upgrade to keep up with Lucius at first, but unfortunately it's revealed to be nowhere near enough when Lucius begins to use the true power he had been holding back. This means Asta still has quite a ways to go before his Devil Union is strong enough to keep himself in the fight, and will likely be a major thread through the events of the final arc overall. But how do you feel about Asta's current use of Devil Union? What kind of power ups are you hoping to see before the series comes to an end? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!