'Black Clover' Just Upped Its Animation Game Big Time

Black Clover according to Pierrot Studio’s is the biggest thing since Bleach, Naruto and even [...]

Black Clover according to Pierrot Studio's is the biggest thing since Bleach, Naruto and even Boruto, with the series looking quite similar to major franchises such as One Piece, Fairy Tail and Naruto. The fairly new anime that will only have its fourth episode this week is based on Yuki Tabata's hit manga, with the anime taking the series' animation up a notch.

The Black Clover anime is directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu overseeing its composition. In addition, Itsuko Takeda and Kumiko Tokunaga are acting as the franchises character designers. The anime thus far has done very well, especially with such a large manga following transitioning into an anime following.

The Black Clover manga first began in 2015, with the anime making its debut earlier this month. Originally the series was published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and the story is about a young orphan boy names Asta. Tabata's Black Clover is currently nine volumes into the manga series with more than 80 issues released to its name. At the start of this year, this was the most highly anticipated anime's of 2017, with so far it not coming close to disappointing its fans, especially with eth improved animation.

(Photo: Pierrot Studios)

For those who are still unfamiliar with the Black Clover series, Asts is born with an abnormality, the boy is born without any magic power. Being born without magic power is something almost unheard of, however, that doesn't discourage him from becoming the Wizard King. Asta discovers a new power called anti-magic and with the help of his friends, he starts to peruse his ambitions. Asta's orphan friend Yuno from the Clover Kingdom is a magical prodigy, with the two now being the biggest of rivals, as well as friends.