Surfaced Black Clover Spoilers Tease Asta's Terrifying New Power

The latest few chapters of Black Clover have effectively set up the next major threat against Asta [...]

The latest few chapters of Black Clover have effectively set up the next major threat against Asta and the Black Bulls as they continue to search for more information on the Devils. This has put them squarely in the crosshairs of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, who each have been relying on the power of the Devils. But unlike Asta, the three of them have completely into the evil side of these abilities and are boosting their own strength to wild new levels. Asta, however, has been growing too the more he interacts with these entities.

Chapter 242 of the series ends with the major cliffhanger that saw Dante of the Dark Triad potentially killing one of the Black Bulls members as a way to draw out more of Asta's dark power. Positing that Asta was holding himself back from his true strengths, he did so to enrage Asta and potentially push him further. This was indeed to be the case as Asta unlocked a terrifying new form as a result of this potential death.

This new form had Asta looking far more devil like than ever before with sharp claws, teeth, and sharper horns that ever, and a new spoiler-filled look at the new chapter of the series has been spotted by @Spytrue on Twitter reveals just how monstrous Asta will be with this new form as he unleashes his unbridled rage.

Thankfully it won't be too long before Chapter 243 of the series is officially released with Viz Media's weekly English language Shonen Jump offerings, and all of the questions surrounding Asta's new level of power will hopefully be answered. It doesn't look like he's in control, and if it's anything like the last time he went out of control in his Black form it's going to be dangerous for everyone involved.

Given that he's been training recently to strengthen this power too, an uncontrolled Asta will be more dangerous than ever if he lets loose on his friends. How do you feel about Black Clover now that it's left the Clover Kingdom behind? What do you think of the Dark Triad's threat so far? Do you think Asta should lean into the Devil's power like they are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!