Black Clover Stuns with a Surprising Black Bull Hostage

Black Clover's newest arc has been quite surprising as the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad is a lot stronger than Asta and the others could have expected, but the newest chapter certainly took things to the next level by stunning with a Black Bull kidnapping. Asta and the Magic Knights have been training for the last six months to prepare for the battle against the Spade Kingdom's Devil users, but the latest chapters have shown just how unprepared they truly were with some significant losses across the board. Now two major mages are in the Dark Triad's clutches.

Dante of the Dark Triad revealed that they needed William Vangeance's magic alongside Yami's dark magic to help open the gates of the underworld and unleash the full power of the devils. Although Yami and Asta managed to defeat Dante with a successful team up that pushed their strength further than ever before, it still ended with Yami being taken away by the Dark Triad's Zenon.

Chapter 260 of the series sees Asta and Yami successfully defeat Dante, but as the Black Bulls begin to celebrate this victory they're all surprised by the sudden appearance of Zenon. Zenon, who had already made an impact by defeating the Golden Dawn and capturing William Vangeance, instantly captures Yami within his bone magic. With his magic and Devil power activated, Zenon not only continues to hold Vangeance captive but Yami as well.

Black Clover Spoilers Yami Kidnapped Black Bulls Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

Yami's too weak to fight back after the battle with Dante, and Zenon only makes matters worse by using his bone magic to easily deflect every one of the Black Bulls' attempts to save Yami from his clutches. Asta even tries to use his Devil power once more, but cannot do so because his body has hit its limits as well. As the chapter comes to a close, Yami gives a wry smile as Asta and the others are forced to watch him slip away through a portal Zenon opens.

Now with Yami and Vangeance in their clutches, the Dark Triad has the pieces they need to open the gates. This also means that Asta and the Black Bulls don't have Yami to rely on to get out of this jam. How did you feel about Yami being captured by Zenon? How will Asta be strong enough to face Zenon? Can the Black Bulls fight without Yami by their side? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!