Black Clover Stuns with Megicula's Terrifying Power

Black Clover has begun the fights against the Dark Triad, and Vanica's Devil Megicula has stunned [...]

Black Clover has begun the fights against the Dark Triad, and Vanica's Devil Megicula has stunned fans with its overwhelming and terrifying power. As Noelle and Mimosa trained with the Heart Kingdom Queen Lolopechka to take down Vanica specifically, fans saw in the latest few chapters how the three of them had tried desperately and failed to make any kind of significant dent in Vanica. This was even more difficult as Megicula revealed its power to weaken spell arrays (which helps boost Noelle and the others' spells), and that at 75 percent its stronger than anything they can take on.

Although the previous chapter of the series ended with a major cliffhanger that made it seem like Noelle managed to strike Vanica and Megicula through the heart, but Chapter 255 opens with a huge reminder of Megicula's demonic power. Vanica remains unharmed and will continue to fight another day.

Chapter 255 sees Vanica/Megicula cancel out a point blank attack from Noelle with a blood spell of her own. But it did manage to make a mark on the Dark Triad member as she begins to recognize Noelle. When she finds out that Noelle is actually the daughter of someone Megicula cursed and killed years earlier, Vanica instead decides to kidnap Lolopechka for now in the hopes of keeping the fight going longer.

Black Clover Megicula Devil Power Manga Spoilers
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Not only does this show off how wicked Vanica is even without Megicula possessing her, she shows off another ability of hers. Although she was able to keep all of her soldiers alive and boosted through her Devil power, she totally decided to get rid of them as soon as they outlived their usefulness.

As she decides to leave the Heart Kingdom and realizes she no longer needs anything, she then activates the demonic power in each of her soldiers. This causes each of them to glow with a black aura before exploding with a massive blast all across the kingdom. As the chapter comes to an end, all we can see is various spots around the Heart Kingdom being caught in these blasts sprung forth from her terrifying power.

Black Clover has been building up Megicula and the Devil's threat for quite some time, and the latest chapter is a great showcase as to how unprepared Asta and the others truly are for this fight. How do you think the rest of the fights will go? Is there any hope against these Devil users? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!