Black Clover Introduces the Supreme Devil

Black Clover has introduced a terrifying being known as the Supreme Devil with the newest chapter [...]

Black Clover has introduced a terrifying being known as the Supreme Devil with the newest chapter of the series! With the fight against the Dark Triad fully bringing devils and the underworld to the forefront of the series at last, Yuki Tabata's original series has been revealing more about the underworld itself and the real power and terror of the devils. Now that the fight against the Dark Triad has reached an intense new level with actual high ranking devils in the underworld, the series has begun to not only show more about this power but it's ties to Nacht as well.

The newest chapter of the series revealed more about Nacht's past, but with this reveal also dropped a major tease for the future with the introduction of the Supreme Devil. It's a devil that sits above the top three (which are currently acting through the Dark Triad), known as Lucifugus that killed all of Nacht's extended family when it was briefly summoned into the human world years ago.

Black Clover Supreme Devil Lucifugus
(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 286 reveals more of Nacht's past, and confirms that his family actually had ties to the devils themselves. The Faust family had been studying devils and their power for generations, and had tasked Nacht with becoming the next major host in their line. It's how he bonds to the four devils we see him use later, and it's ultimately what brings the Supreme Devil into the picture.

Seeing his success with the first four, Nacht's father hands him a strange bracelet in the hopes Nacht would be able to make a contract with this new devil. As he explains, the underworld is ruled by three devils of Gravity, Time, and Space (the devil powers the Dark Triad uses, so they are likely the hosts to these top three) and the one who "supports" them is known as the Supreme Devil, Lucifugus.

Summoning this devil to the human world ends up unleashing a dark miasma that kills everyone else in the room, but soon Nacht's brother Morgen interrupts the summoning by breaking this bracelet. Morgen loses his life in the process, and thus this major tease of the Supreme Devil now remains in the underworld and will likely play a big role in the future of this series.

As Black Clover continues, it's beginning to look increasingly like that Asta will have to fight all of the Devils in the underworld themselves, so what are you hoping to see? Do you think this Supreme Devil will make a real debut in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!