Black Clover Debuts Nacht's Shadowy New Devil Form

Black Clover has debuted Nacht's shadowy new Devil Union Mode with its newest chapter! Nacht was [...]

Black Clover has debuted Nacht's shadowy new Devil Union Mode with its newest chapter! Nacht was one of the most interesting debuts of Black Clover's Spade Kingdom saga as it was revealed that not only was he also a devil host who had ties to the Black Bulls like Asta, but that he actually had contracts set up with a bunch of different devils. This was not the case for each of the devil hosts we had met before, so Nacht's abilities were already a major mystery. A mystery we had begun to get answers to through this fight with the Dark Triad.

In his fight against the Dark Triad so far in the second phase of the war against the Spade Kingdom, Nacht had used three different Devil Union Modes so far. Each form carries its own characteristics and special abilities, and the newest chapter of the series has debuted a brand new form as he takes on some of his toughest foes in the series thus far -- Devil Union Mode: Gallus.

Black Clover Nacht Gallus Devil Union Mode Chapter 285
(Photo: Viz Media)

Chapter 285 of the series takes place before the cliffhanger we had seen Nacht in with the previous chapter, and shows how Nacht ended up in that deadly situation. With the help of his devil Walgner, he unlocked this Gallus version of his Devil Union that looks a lot different from the others. As the visual would and previous forms would suggest, Gallus also has a specialty of its own.

With its "Call" ability, he freezes the powerful devil twins in place for a moment while his shadow magic transports them all to a different area. It's clear this form isn't meant for combat, however, as Nacht quickly changes back into his speedy Felis mode for the fight ahead. Another interesting facet of these Devil Union Modes is that Nacht can switch back and forth between each one quite quickly.

We see Nacht switch between Felis and the harder hitting Equus mode with relative ease, and the speed of the switches seem to tease a mastery of each of these forms has been built in his time with each of his devils. He's clearly built his fighting style entirely around these different forms, so now we'll see what else Nacht has up his sleeve!

What did you think of Nacht's Gallus mode in Black Clover's newest chapter? How does it compare to previous Devil Union modes we've seen him use in the past? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!