Black Clover Reveals Surprising Twist with Nacht's Brother

Black Clover has revealed one surprising twist about Nacht's brother with the newest chapter of [...]

Black Clover has revealed one surprising twist about Nacht's brother with the newest chapter of the series! Nacht has certainly been one of the key points of interest throughout the massive Spade Kingdom saga thus far. After revealing he was actually the Vice Captain of the Black Bulls and was acting as a spy in the Spade Kingdom this entire time, there had been some allusions to a tragic event in his past that turned him into the cold person that we see in action with the series' newest chapters. This newest one digs into that a little bit more.

Chapter 285 of the series jumps a bit in the past from the deadly position Nacht found himself in at the end of the previous chapter. As he fights the twin high ranking devils who had escaped from the underworld, his inner monologue reveals that he's got not real attachment to his own life and this carefree attitude begins to reveal a flashback with more of his brother.

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When we had last been given a peek into his past, it was revealed that Nacht had a brother who didn't want to use his magic for the betterment of humanity like he does. This is the case in Chapter 285 as well, but one of the biggest surprises is the confirmation that Nacht and his brother were actually twins who both belonged to the renowned House of Faust. But like as revealed before, one was an upstanding citizen working for the Magic Knights and the other was a delinquent.

Here we actually get a name for Nacht's brother, Morgen Faust, but the mysteries only get deeper from there as it's revealed that the "Nacht" we know is being referred to as Morgen, the one who worked with Yami's squad at the time. Nacht, is actually the name of the other delinquent brother. So what does this mean?

Black Clover has pulled a switcharoo on us, but it remains to be seen which switch this could be. It's either Morgen taking on Nacht's name after something has happened, or Nacht taking on his brother's looks and Magic Knights position after something happened. Either way, the series is gearing up for one tragic reveal between the two of them.

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