Black Clover Reveals What the Devils Really Think of the Dark Triad

Black Clover reveals what the devils really think of the Dark Triad with the newest chapter of the [...]

Black Clover reveals what the devils really think of the Dark Triad with the newest chapter of the series! The Dark Triad has been one of the biggest threats in the series to date as their power during the first half of the Spade Kingdom saga completely overwhelmed both the Clover and Heart Kingdom's defensive forces. This only served to heighten their fearsomeness even more as the three Zogratis siblings completely reveled in the pain and death they were causing with their immense power. But the newest chapter of the series takes them down a peg in the overall hierarchy.

Although Dante, Vanica, and Zenon Zogratis are now stronger than ever thanks to the Advent of Qliphoth ritual allowing for them to finally use the full scope of their devil's power, when compared to a real devil that's come from the underworld, the three of them are no more than lesser than the low-ranking devils. In fact, they're considered "toys."

Black Clover Dark Triad Dante Manga
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Chapter 285 of the series takes place before Nacht was found defeated by the twin devils in the previous chapter. Dante is seen celebrating these two high ranking devils making it out of the underworld, and he says that it's exactly the kind of world he wanted. But he should probably watch his words as the twin devils also mark him as a potential target. They decide against it though for a funny reason.

Although Dante looks "amusing" to them, they decide against attacking him because he's currently Lucifero's "toy." Although the Dark Triad wields their devil power to such a massive extent, and think themselves devils, at the end of the day this comment is a clear reminder that they're not. It's further confirmation that Lucifero really is just using Dante as a way to help free himself from the underworld.

Once these three particular devils are freed, it's highly likely they will not need their former hosts anymore. It's only a way for them to kill time, and it's a far cry from the host relationships that Nacht and Asta have with their respective devils. With this is mind, it's really only a matter of time before the Dark Triad is crushed by their hubris and cast aside once the devils are freed.

But what do you think of this moment? Do you think it means the Dark Triad will be removed from the picture by their own Devils? What could this mean for the Dark Triad's future overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!