Black Clover Debuts the Dark Triad's Terrifying Full Power Forms

Black Clover has debuted the Spade Kingdom Dark Triad's terrifying full power forms! The Spade [...]

Black Clover has debuted the Spade Kingdom Dark Triad's terrifying full power forms! The Spade Kingdom saga has reached its intense new phase as the fight has been taken directly to the Dark Triad as they prepare to open the gates of the underworld, and Asta and the other fighters had enough trouble dealing with the Dark Triad's 70-80% usage of their respective devil powers. But with the previous cliffhanger of the series teasing that the Advent of Qliphoth ritual has been sped up to the point where the first level of the underworld has opened, the fight is only getting started.

The newest chapter of the series confirmed that the gates of the underworld have indeed begun opening, and it's revealed what this truly means. While Dante, Zenon, and Vanica had been limited in the use of their devil power before with the gates being closed, Chapter 280 of the series has essentially removed all of those limiters as each of them has reached 100% of their full Devil Power. This results in some terrifying new looks for each one.

Black Clover Dark Triad Devil Power 100 Percent Spoilers Manga
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The Dark Triad had explained in previous chapters that they not only wanted to open the gates of the underworld (by sacrificing Yami and Vangeance) to release the devils in it, but wanted to increase their own abilities as well as their respective devils were restricted in how much power they could send to the human world. While it seemed like Nacht and the Clover Kingdom knights took them by surprise, the Dark Triad was merely buying time.

The unleashing of their full power not only resulted in terrifying new looks for each one, but also greatly increased their power as well. Vanica was able to tear through the trap Charlotte had placed her in before, Zenon quickly recovers from Yuno's seemingly fatal attack and quickly strikes back with an increase to his bone magic's recovery abilities, and Dante is more confident than ever.

Not only do Nacht and the others have to deal with the escaping demons, but the Dark Triad is scarier and stronger than ever as well. With their full power now unleashed, the series is definitely stacking the deck against Asta and the others moving forward. As Asta has yet to enter the fight, however, there is still a chance for victory despite the odds.

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