Black Clover Teases Nacht's Tragic Past

Black Clover shared a new clue about Nacht's tragic past in the newest chapter. Following Asta and the other Black Bulls' major loss to the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, their Vice Captain suddenly appeared and took Asta under his wing to train him how to strengthen his devil powers. Not only did his late introduction to the franchise already carry with it a ton of mystery, but each new peek we have been given about Nacht has only deepened his mystery even further. This includes the newest chapter that gives another small clue about Nacht's tragic past.

Chapter 272 of the series sees Nacht continue his training with Asta and his devil, and the training has kicked off in full now that Asta and his devil have successfully completed the Devil-Binding Ritual as equals. But as he sees their close, and even brotherly connection, a brief flashback teases that Nacht once had a brother of his own.

The chapter sees Asta and Liebe struggle to fully combine their powers as part of the Devil-Binding Ritual, and they continue to bicker as neither of them can figure out how Asta can pull more of Liebe's anti-magic power. But as they fight each other, Nacht has a flashback that seemingly reminds him of his own brother. His brother says, "Doesn't being such a goody goody get tiring?" and Nacht counters with "What about you, brother? Doesn't doing your own thing get tiring?"

Black Clover Nacht Tragic Past Tease Spoilers Manga
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Then his brother responds with, "Moron! What's tiring about being free?" This gives more context to what we've seen from Nacht in the past. Not only does he not trust the other Magic Knight captains, but much of his attitude during his training with Asta has painted him as someone who's been burned in his past.


There was even a clue that something had happened to Nacht to make him lose his magic in the past, and something forced him to take on this darker personality while going undercover in the Spade Kingdom. If he's truly hiding a dark event in his past, there's a good chance it's related to the coming back against the Spade Kingdom.

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