'Bleach' Creator Shares Sketches of Rukia, Ishida, and More

Bleach may be over, but the man behind the series has yet to let it go. Despite working on new [...]

Bleach may be over, but the man behind the series has yet to let it go. Despite working on new material these days, Tite Kubo still has a place in his heart for Ichigo's crew. So, fans were plenty happy to see Kubo share new artwork for the series online.

Taking to Twitter, Kubo posted a slew of new Bleach sketches for fans. The pieces were all shared in honor of the annual Lucca Comics & Games convention in Tuscany. Kubo had been scheduled to attend the event but pulled out because of his health.

However, that didn't mean Kubo had to scrap all the sketches he had done for the event.

As you can see above, the artist did black-and-white sketches of Bleach's biggest characters. Rukia got a close-up as the Soul Reaper was put in a light winter outfit. With her hair cropped, the heroine looks rather peaceful. Rukia wasn't the only girl to get a spin as Orihime got her own drawing too.

The long-haired girl is drawn with wide eyes and a knitted beanie atop her head. Snuggled in a fur-trimmed coat, Orihime seems very warm much like Ishida. The Quincy may looks bored, but the hero is just watching something on his tablet. The cozy look is completed by Ishida's scarf and jacket.

Sadly, Ichigo didn't get a sketch this time around and neither did Chad. The latter may be busy enjoying his work as a wrestler per Bleach's finale, but there's no telling where Ichigo went. Hopefully, the Soul Reaper kept himself out of trouble since the manga ended. If he has not, then you can be sure Renji will scold him big time.

If you are not familiar with Bleach, then you should know the series is a massively popular one with fans. The franchise began in 2001 under Tite Kubo before an anime adaptation started in 2004. The supernatural series follows the life of a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki after he becomes a substitute Soul Reaper. The immensely gifted boy works with his partner Rukia to dispath evil souls and send others to their resting place. However, when Ichigo learns of the Soul Society and its strict customs, the hero discovers his world is in far more danger than he could have imagined

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