Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Releases Episode 4 Title and Promo

This week, Bleach stepped out with an important episode, and things are already heating up ahead of episode four's release. After all, a war has been declared against the Soul Society, and Ichigo is nowhere ready to help his allies. Now, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is bringing out a first look at episode four, and its new title has manga readers fearing for their favorite fighters. 

The whole thing came to light this week as Bleach released its most recent episode. When it ended, a promo for episode four went live, and it was narrated by none other than Toshiro Hitsugaya. The captain paints a bleak picture as he tells audiences the Soul Society is being invaded, and the Gotei 13 must put its best foot forward to push back the Sternritters.

What Does Bleach Have in Store For Us?

Of course, manga fans know a bit more about this episode now that its title has been revealed. Episode four will be called "Kill the Shadow" which is also the name of chapter 496. Of course, this means manga readers are revisiting Tite Kubo's manga to brush up on the chapter, and it is a lot to take in.

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After all, episode three ends with the Sternritters invading the Soul Society, and they come with Ywach in tow. While their leader faces off with Yamamoto, chapter 496 follows several other captains in their battles. Everyone from Byakuya to Komamura and Rangiku appears, but they are left stunned when they discover how the Quincy are sealing their Bankai. And of course, more blood is shed as the war between Soul Reapers and Quincy heats up. 

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