Boruto Cements Brotherly Bond With Kawaki In Latest Chapter

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations began with the ominous mystery of Naruto's son Boruto in an epic [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations began with the ominous mystery of Naruto's son Boruto in an epic duel with Kawaki, a mysterious new character. As Boruto has unfolded, the mystery of who Kawaki is has come into much clearer view, as the young warrior came crashing into the Hidden Leaf along with the evil Kara Organization. Since his arrival, it's been clear that Boruto and Kawaki have the sort of tension that could one day lead to a serious falling out; however, the latest chapter of Boruto finally establishes the deep bond of brotherhood that will one day make Boruto's battle Kawaki feel truly tragic.

Warning: Boruto manga chapter 54 SPOILERS Follow!

Boruto's latest arc has been all about the climactic battle that has seen Naruto, Boruto, Sasuke, and Kawaki take on Isshiki Otsutsuki, the true leader of the Kara Organization. Kawaki was intended to be the vessel for Isshiski's resurrection, but thanks to the intervention of Naruto and co., the evil alien was finally taken out for good. But then, just when it seemed like victory had been achieved, the essence of Momoshiki hiding inside of Boruto chose the moment of battle fatigue to strike.

In Boruto Chapter 54, we see Kawaki step up in a big way, in order to battle Momoshiki and attempt to free Boruto from the villain's control. Thanks to some careful observation by Sasuke, the shinobi figure out that that it's Boruto's depleted chakra that's allowing Momoshiki to take control. Sasuke and Kawaki launch an all-out assault to force Momoshiki to absorb enough chakra to allow Boruto to get back in the driver's seat. In the end, it comes down to Kawaki literally lighting himself on fire to win the fight. Momoshiki needs Kawaki's Otsutsuki essence as food for the Ten-Tails, so the villain relents and absorbs the flames off of Kawaki, refilling Boruto's chakra.

Boruto takes the final step of literally snapping Momoshiki's horn off his own head, to end the possession (for the time being). The effort leaves both Boruto and Kawaki laying in the dirt, eye-to-eye with one another. Boruto apologies to his friend for being such a burden and Kawaki does the same, while also addressing Boruto as "Stupid Bro."

Boruto 54 Spoilers Kawaki Beats Momomshiki
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This battle with Isshiki and Momoshiki has bonded Boruto and Kawaki in a significant way. The two boys went from a place of tenuous friendship with underlying tension, to literally putting their respective lives on the line, in order to save one another from the worse kind of threat there is (The Otsutsuki). As stated, the tragedy (tragedies) that eventually make Boruto and Kawaki cross swords are going to hit so much deeper, now.

Boruto releases new chapters of the manga Free Online. The Anime is currently into the Ao arc from the manga.