Boruto Reveals Kawaki's Dark Deal to Save Naruto

Ever since Kawaki was welcomed into the fold of Naruto's family and Hidden Leaf Village, he has been walking a rhetorical tightrope. Kawaki wants the love and acceptance of a family and community - but he also knows that his presence puts Naruto's family and village in tremendous danger. Kawaki's bond with Naruto and Boruto helped him endure the battle to free himself from being the vessel for Isshiki Otsutsuki's resurrection; however, the second wave of threat from the Kara organization has finally pushed Kawaki to make dark Faustian Bargain in order to save Naruto! 

(WARNING: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 63 SPOILERS Follow!) 

Kawaki effectively combined the shadow clone technique he learned as a shinobi with one of his unique Otsutsuki abilities via the Karma seal, in order to pull off a new trick: chakra stealth mode. Being "invisible" to chakra detection allowed Kawaki to run away from Hidden Leaf in order to face Code. And indeed, the psychotic Kara cyborg is waiting just beyond Naruto's borders to intercept Kawaki - but even Code is caught off guard by the kind of meeting Kawaki wants to have... 

As it turns out, Kawaki doesn't want to battle Code - he wants to make a deal with him. Kawaki has deduced that Code isn't acting alone, and someone (Kara cyborg Ada) is guiding him. Kawaki figures he's not dead at Code's hand because the mysterious handler wants him alive - a theory that Code confirms. When Boruto intervenes and tries to "save" Kawaki his bro has only anger for him; Kawaki wants to use the value of his life as leverage to save Naruto's life! 


Code tries to warn Kawaki against making a hasty decision; after all, neither boy truly knows what kind of fate Ada has planned for Kawaki. Her demands could arguably cost him his soul. Still, even that is a price that Kawaki is willing to pay if it means keeping the surrogate family he's come to love safe. 

At the end of Boruto Chapter 63, Boruto (or rather, the soul of Momoshiki Isshiki living in Boruto) is still battling Code and trying to save Kawaki. However, the situation seems rather ominous when you take into account how the Boruto series started: with Boruto and Kawaki using the power of their Karma seals to do battle over the ruins of Hidden Leaf. Could Ada be the corrupting influence that ultimately turns Kawaki against Boruto and Naruto and everyone he swore to protect?  

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