Naruto Sets Up the Debut of Boruto's Own Chidori

Back in the day, Naruto introduced the world to one of Kakashi's original moves, and the Chidori has lived a complicated life since. The jutsu is one of the most memorable from the anime thanks to Sasuke Uchiha, and many have wondered when the Hidden Leaf's new wave of ninja would learn of it. Now, a new update seems to suggest Boruto has his own take on the jutsu, and you can probably guess who he learnt it from.

Spoiler! It was not Sasuke. No, Boruto had to learn his own sort of Chidori from someone who didn't rely on the Sharingan. That means Kakashi became the best tutor around, and a new book promises Boruto learned a Chidori copycat.

The information was given in Sasuke Shinden, the most recent spin-off novel to come from Naruto. The book follows Sasuke as the hero spends time in the Hidden Leaf, so you can imagine how often he ran into Boruto. He even winds up training the boy with Sarada in tow, and it is there fans learned Boruto could use purple electricity.

boruto naruto

For those unfamiliar with the move, the technique is associated with the lightning release. Boruto is very adept with his nature chakra, and fans have seen him use lightning jutsu often. It isn't commonplace to see someone whip out purple electricity, but the high-level technique was created by Kakashi. The former Hokage made the technique after losing his Sharingan so he could have an attack similar to the Chidori. And thanks to this book, fans know Boruto can use that move.


The anime has not caught up with this revelation, but the manga has before said Boruto can use purple electricity. This new mention confirms the stat was correct, so fans are looking forward to seeing Naruto's son learn this move. After all, Kakashi is a brutal teacher, but his original techniques are some of the most powerful to learn.

Did you think Boruto would be able to master such a deadly move? Should Sarada learn how to use Chidori now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.