'Boruto' Just Turned Naruto Into A Hilarious Hypocrite

Naruto has done some crazy things, but few have been harder than raising a child. The blond-haired [...]

Naruto has done some crazy things, but few have been harder than raising a child. The blond-haired ninja has butted heads with his son a few too many times, but Boruto just highlighted the duo's most recent disagreement.

This time - however - fans could not help but point out how hypocritical Naruto was being.

Last week, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations released its 40th episode. The update saw Team 7 accept their very first mission, but the event didn't go quite as planned. When Konohamaru brought his squad to the Hokage Tower to receive their job, Boruto managed to tick off Naruto in no time.

Naruto...you did it too ;) from Naruto

The elder overheard his son talking about lower-ranked missions being easy, and Naruto had something to say about that.

"No mission is a 'piece of cake,' you know," Naruto explained. After the Hokage gave the team its mission, he tried to stress that all missions are important regardless of their rank.

"Anyway, even if it's a D-rank, a mission is a mission," Naruto said. "If you take it lightly, you'll get burned."

Of course, fans can see why the Hokage's advice is hilariously hypocritical. After all, Naruto is known for throwing hissy fits about the ranks of his missions. Way back when, Naruto went farther than his son did in protesting the missions assigned to Team 7. The eccentric ninja sat on the Hokage's floor pouting when the Third Hokage met with Team 7 at first; So, at least Boruto didn't turn his back to Naruto on the job...

The anime's latest episode had fans scratching their heads, but some fans think the whole ordeal is a set-up. The Hokage knows how a lower-ranked mission can turn into something dangerous. The mission which Team 7 just got seems reminiscent to the one Naruto undertook in the Land of Waves. Naruto may have an inkling that things will get complicated on the mission, giving the group a chance to prove itself when stakes get raised. But, as fans know, Naruto is Naruto. The guy never knows when to express himself outright, and Boruto is still rebellious enough to overlook any of his dad's underlying meanings.

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