Naruto Compares His New Kyuubi Form to the Sun

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations debuted a brand new form for Naruto in the newest chapter, and he's comparing its massive power to the sun. The previous cliffhanger of the series saw both Naruto and Sasuke struggling to deal any decisive blows to Isshiki Otsutsuki, and it had gotten to the point where Naruto was desperate enough to use a gambit he had never planned to use. This last ditch effort was a brand new Nine-Tails form, Baryon Mode. This new mode not only gave him a huge burst of power, but like the sun, it's dangerous if you're too close.

Chapter 52 of the series debuts Naruto and Kurama's new Baryon Mode, and it's basically a suicidal form as the more it burns their combined energy the closer they get to death. As Kurama explains, it's operated much like how the sun produces energy as their small bursts of chakra explode and divide to produce a greater bit of power in a short duration.

Shortly after unveiling this new form in the newest chapter, Naruto's body is clearly under duress from the pressure of this power. As Kurama explains to him, it's kind of like the nuclear fusion that the sun uses to generate energy. Kurama then elaborates that their combined chakra are used as "kernels" to produce a new kind of energy.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

Rather than taking chakra from around them, this form uses their own. Exploding little bits of their chakra the longer the form gets used, Baryon Mode continues to devour their energies until "one or both" of their lives run out. Like the sun, it's a danger to him and even those in the immediate area as every small movement he makes drains his strength as well as those around him.

This comes in handy against an opponent like Isshiki, but it's incredibly dangerous as Naruto has now put a clear time limit on the rest of his life span with this technique. So if he's unable to defeat Isshiki here and now, then using this form would mean absolutely nothing. He would be sacrificing so much of himself only for Isshiki to get away.


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