'Boruto' Just Showed Off Kakashi Without His Mask On

Naruto has plenty of strangely dressed heroes, and Kakashi Hatake is not immune to its fashion [...]

Naruto has plenty of strangely dressed heroes, and Kakashi Hatake is not immune to its fashion trends. When the ninja was introduced, his gravity defying hair and masked visage has become one of Naruto's most iconic looks. And, thanks to Boruto, fans can now see Kakashi sans mask - again.

In the most recent episode of Boruto, fans watched as its hero prepared to take the graduation exam for the Ninja Academy. Boruto and his classmates were first forced to undergo parent-teacher conferences, but things got interested when a new man showed his face at the school.

A freelance reporter named Sukea approached Boruto while the boy was at the Academy, and the man wanted to interview the students eligible for graduation. Boruto introduced the videographer to his friends, and each of the students revealed why they want to become a ninja. When his job was done, Sukea thanked Boruto for opening up to him, but fans quickly learned the man wasn't exactly who he said he was.

When Boruto's new episode came to an end, audiences watched as Sukea took off his disguise. The man was none other than Kakashi with a brunette wig and tacked-on eye makeup. Anytime fans saw Sukea showing his face around the Academy, it was really Kakashi they were looking at, and fans are happy to see the former Hokage's face has not changed much.

For fans of Naruto, they will remember just how difficult it was to catch a glimpse of Kakashi's face. The series made a joke of how secretive the ninja was about his looks, but the anime did eventually give fans a glimpse at Naruto's mentor. In fact, Naruto: Shippuden used Kakashi's Sukea disguise in episode 469 to reveal his bare face for the very first time. The leader of Team 7 donned the disguise to test his students' teamwork as Naruto rallied Sasuke and Sakura to take on their most dangerous mission yet; The trio decided it was time they saw Kakashi without his mask on, and Sukea stepped in to help the students corner Kakashi without much success.

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