Boruto Finally Welcomes Kawaki to the Anime

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has finally, and fully, brought Kawaki to the anime with its newest episode! The Vessel arc has just taken Boruto and the rest of Team 7 through their first set of intense battles against the shadowy Kara organization, but before they can relax they have already come across their next big challenge. One debut fans have been waiting to see in the anime since it first began was Kawaki, and now that the Vessel arc has kicked off in full the anime has brought him to the forefront with the newest episode of the series.

After teasing his debut in the anime through his appearance in the opening theme sequences and previous cliffhangers in the series, Episode 187 of the series wrapped up the final moments of the Ao arc and kickstarted the next big arc for the series with Kawaki's debut at the end of the episode:

Episode 187 picks up immediately after the cliffhanger that saw the Kara member Kashin Koji make an appearance. After a surprising fight with this new addition to the series, Boruto and the others thankfully are able to get away generally unscathed despite having several questions about what could have been so important. As they begin to discuss the size of the container on the airship and what could have been within it, they start to see remnants of a battle.

Noticing the same robots that they had trouble defeating before, each of these robots had been damaged in a pretty significant way as they presume that a strong fighter must have been the one to take down these puppets with such precision and power. As they follow the wreckage, they come across a large crater with Kawaki lying inside. Kawaki's completely unconscious (and thus has yet to officially introduce himself), but Boruto goes up to him and sees that he's got the same mark on his hand that he has.

With this cliffhanger Kawaki has officially made his debut in the Boruto anime, and this means that the next episode will finally be the one to show him off in full. How did you feel about Kawaki's debut in the anime? How are you liking the Vessel arc so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!