Boruto Releases First Promo for Chapter 56

When it comes to Boruto these days, the series is lighting up on page and screen. The anime is [...]

When it comes to Boruto these days, the series is lighting up on page and screen. The anime is moving along with its introduction of Kawaki at long last, and the manga is focused on the fallout of a major battle. After all, Boruto and his allies managed to defeat a very powerful villain last month, but a new promo for chapter 56 promises things are far from over.

The update was published this week in V-Jump in honor of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' next chapter. The manga will see chapter 56 go live at the end of this month, so some teaser text was released to hype it up. And now, the curious promo has been turned around into English.

According to translator rocha_luana on Twitter, chapter 56 will begin its story with Code from the start. The Kara member still has a vendetta to settle now that Isshiki is dead. After being given the man's will, Code is determined to see out Isshiki's plan for himself, and he hopes to become a god along the way.

"Just when they thought they have overcome their difficulties, a new enemy appears? In the dispute for Karma," the text reads. "A new enemy appeared in front of Boruto and Kawaki. The story takes a [turn]. The worshippers of the Otsutsuki... Code!"

Clearly, Code is ready to show up big time in the next chapter of Boruto, but the word is out on whether he will pick a fight so soon after our heroes took down Isshiki. The gang deserves a little rest before moving into another epic battle, but Code might not give the Hidden Leaf such a respite! This could spell disaster for our heroes given their injuries from Isshiki, so fans can look forward to learning more when the next Boruto chapter goes live!

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