Naruto Teases the Resonance Between Boruto and Kawaki

The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has turned a lot of fans' heads with the [...]

The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has turned a lot of fans' heads with the battle between Kawaki and Garou, as the anime has unleashed some killer animation that has garnered a large number of views on Youtube and the future of the franchise is hinting at a number of common threads that bond the Vessel to the son of the Seventh Hokage. With Garou having been taken out of the picture, it's clear that Kawaki is set to have a big future in the Hidden Leaf Village as the trio that makes up Team 7 decides to take him back to HQ.

The anime was able to dive further into the early days of Kawaki, who was taken from his abusive father by Jigen and the organization known as Kara, and pitted him against the terrifying member of Kara to see if he was worthy of becoming a Vessel. During their battle, Kawaki was able to pass the test with flying colors by using his hidden power to blow off the lower jaw of Garou, essentially crippling him in the process and transforming him into a being far more monstrous than the villain that first made his presence known.

Boruto Kawaki Resonance
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Boruto and Kawaki are tied together by the mysterious energy known as Karma, which, in the anime, has yet to be completely explored but clearly is a point of interest for the Kara Organization. Though the son of the Seventh and the Vessel did have a brief tete-a-tete when they first met one another, Garou changed the playing field and had them halt their assault on one another for their own survival.

The relationship between Boruto and Kawaki actually was first shown in the opening episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, giving audiences a glimpse of the future with both of the ninjas as teenagers, staring one another down and promising a giant fight between the two. With the seeds being sown for this upcoming brawl, it might be a ways off until we see it, but expect Kawaki to continue to play a huge role in the franchise moving forward.

In the manga, Kawaki is in a very different place than what we've seen so far in the Vessel Arc and has been able to forge a unique relationship with Boruto as a result.

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