Naruto: 'Boruto' Reveals Its Most Dangerous Mission Yet

If you are keeping up with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, then you know the anime has Team 7 [...]

If you are keeping up with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, then you know the anime has Team 7 doing some entry-level missions right now. However, the manga tells a very different story. Its latest chapter just sent the gang off on a truly life-or-death mission, and fans admit it may be over Boruto's head.

Recently, Boruto released its 20th chapter, and the installment caught up with Team 7 on a dangerous run. Boruto's team was sent to re-establish contact with Konohamaru after the ninja lost touch with the Leaf Village on a mission. The team was joined by Katasuke on the search-and-rescue, and they learned Ao was the one responsible for the ordeal.

Naturally, Ao tried to kill the group for getting in the way of his mission, and he succeeded in killing one jounin. However, Team 7 was able to escape, and it was then Konohamaru assigned his crew their most harrowing mission yet.

"He seems to be looking for the contents of that container we found inside the airship and intends to get rid of all of us for snooping around the vicinity," Konohamaru explained.

"We have to get this scroll flash drive back to the village for analysis by any means necessary! It's got intel I extracted from the container. It may provide clues about our enemy."

Mitsuki made the comment that Ao would surely be looking for them, and Konohamaru agreed. He suggested they group take drastic measures to ensure the Leaf Village gets their intel, but Sarada balked at the plan.

"If we consider delivering this to be our top priority, it'd be wise for us to split up into two groups. I'll act as bait and keep him occupied," Konohamaru pitched. "The rest of you head back to the village with this."

By the chapter's end, the group prepares to use Katasuke's stockpile of ninja technology to fight back against Ao, but the former Mist ninja is no pushover. The Naruto character is heralded for slaying members of the powerful Hyuga clan, and he showed the extent of his power back during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Team 7 is about to get their work cut out for them, and fans aren't sure everyone will make it out of the mission in one piece.

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