Boruto Cliffhanger Pits Isshiki in All-Out Battle Against Sasuke and Naruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' last manga chapter had fans sweating that Naruto and Sasuke were about to enter a battle that could end one or both of their lives. Well, Boruto chapter 49 doesn't deliver the tragic battle that fans were on the edge of their seats for, but it definitely sets the stage for that battle to unfold, and the potentially tragic outcome of it to be even more painful than we thought possible. After making sure that Hidden Leaf Village is out of the crosshairs, it's now down to Naruto, Sasuke, and an unexpected ally to take on the greatest Otsutsuki threat yet!

Warning: Boruto Chapter 49 SPOILERS Follow!

The cliffhanger of Boruto chapter 48 saw Isshiki Otsutsuki appear in the sky above of Konohagakure, ready to attack. Isshiki is working on a ticking clock, as his battle with Jiraiya's clone, Koji Kashin forced Isshiki to manifest himself inside an unsuitable vessel. Isshiki's actual vessel, Kawaki, is hiding out in Konohagakure under the protection of Naruto and co., and Isshiki only has days to reclaim him before he will die a true death. So, the Otsutsuki lord wastes no time, systematically torturing and interrogating Hidden Leaf guards and citizens to find his target. After stashing Kawaki in a hiding room that's Byakugan-proof, Naruto rushes out to the village in order to confront Isshiki. Sasuke stays behind to recruit an unlikely ally for the upcoming battle: Boruto!

After learning about the truth behind the Karma seal (as the method by which Otsutsuki resurrected themselves in new bodies), Sasuke has an idea: Use Boruto's Otsutsuki invader as the secret weapon against Isshiki!

Boruto Naruto Sasuke vs Isshiki Fight Manga 49 50
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Sasuke's gamble pays off: He and Boruto intervene in the fight with Ishikki just in time to save Naruto's life. Using a clever genjutsu technique, Sasuke disguises Boruto as his sword, which he hurls directly at Isshiki. The Otsutsuki is fooled into trying his new shrinking jutsu, the Sukunahikona, but since it doesn't work on living beings, it can't stop Boruto (channeling the power of Momoshiki Otsutsuki) from using a space/time teleportation jutsu on Isshiki, and taking him into another dimension. Sasuke grabs Naruto and quickly follows the trail.


Boruto Chapter 49 ends on the cliffhanger of a clear battlefield being set, with some game-changing stakes for the entire Naruto saga, no matter the outcome. Because even if Naruto and Sasuke both survive the fight, it already seems like Boruto will have to let Momoshiki's essence claim even more of his soul...

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