Boruto Reveals Another Important Otsutsuki Power

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has done more to define the mythology of the Otsutsuki Clan than [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has done more to define the mythology of the Otsutsuki Clan than Naruto: Shippuden ever did. Boruto has revealed the true nature and origin of the Otsutsuki, an alien race that has achieved immortality through resurrection, and the consumption of entire worlds of chakra. We've also learned that the Otsutsuki's method of resurrection through the Karma mark has been transforming both Boruto and Kawaki into Otsutsuki. Well, that process is revealing more about the Otsutsuki's secret powers - powers that Kawaki is quickly discovering he and Boruto can tap into.

Warning: Boruto Chapter 61 SPOILERS Follow!

Kawaki has been in something of a bind, ever since he, Boruto, Naruto and Sasuke defeated and destroyed Kara's leader Jigen, aka Isshiki Otsutsuki. There's a new wave of Kara cyborgs that have been unleashed in the wake of Isshiki's demise, and they are gathering in the shadows to streak at Hidden Leaf. Kawaki knows these new cyborgs' leader, Code, and how ruthless he is. However, Kawaki's loyalty to Naruto keeps him from simply fleeing the village and severing all ties.

Kara scientist Amado has offered Kawaki the option of transforming his Karma mark into a weapon, but it could come at a serious price. But since Kawaki doesn't trust Amado he opts for option C: enact his own plan. The only problem is that Naruto and his lieutenants have been keeping Kawaki and Boruto under round-the-clock surveillance. Kawaki can't figure out a way to fool Hidden Leaf's chakra trackers - until he remembers something that Inojin Yamanaka said: anyone who can mask their chakra signature can sneak past the guards. Kawaki manages to do the seemingly impossible by creating a shadow clone of himself that carries his chakra signature, while his real body sneaks out of Hidden Leaf with his chakra signature cloaked.

Boruto Naruto Manga Isshiki Otsutsuki True Form Revealed

Kawaki's operation is only detected by Boruto (due to the fact that Boruto is also part Otsutsuki, and thereby immune to Kawaki's 'cloaking' technique. The other person who is wise to Kawaki's scheme is Kara cyborg Ada, whose clairvoyance allows her to see Kawai's movements. It's Ada who reveals that chakra cloaking is an Otsustuki ability - one that Kawaki shouldn't be aware of yet. And yet, somehow Kawaki instinctively tapped into those powers.

The question of what Kawaki and Boruto's partial transformation into Otsutsuki means has been looming over Boruto since the reveal. Now, this chapter is teasing a whole new set of Otsutsuki powers and abilities that Boruto and Kawaki can merge with their shinobi training and chakra techniques. That fusion of Otsutsuki power used with shinobi's techniques for protecting others will truly make Boruto and Kawaki the most powerful warriors of their generation.

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