Britney Spears Reveals Her Son Is One Artistic Anime Fanatic

When you think of Britney Spears, the word otaku probably doesn’t come to mind. The pop star is [...]

When you think of Britney Spears, the word otaku probably doesn't come to mind. The pop star is best known for his club hits, but Spears may know a thing or two about anime thanks to her children. After all, the singer did just reveal her son is a massive fan of Dragon Ball Z and more.

Over on Instagram, Spears posted a series of photos for her fans to marvel at, and anime fans were taken back by what they saw. The pictures the star shared are drawings which Spears' son did. There is no telling whether Sean or or Jayden inked the sketches, but fans can clearly make out who are in the drawings.

After all, it is pretty hard to mistake Goku when he has gone Super Saiyan.

In the first picture, Spears can be seen showing off her son's colored sketch of Goku. While the drawing may be a bit off, the Super Saiyan looks appropriately buff as he powers up into his next form.

As for the second image, the drawing is from a lesser-known anime that has been gaining in popularity. The sketch is of Rem, one of the heroines from Re:Zero. The character is one of the maids working at Roswaal L Mathers, and Rem's light blue hair makes her nearly impossible to mistake.

"My son puts so much time and detail into his work... he's becoming a true little artist and I'm so proud!" Spears captioned the images, and anime fans are also rallying behind the young fans and his artistic dreams. After all, if the Spears clan is supporting Goku and Rem from afar, then the fandom can let the famous brood know the attention is appreciated.